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Current Workshops for 2023 Portland Conference

(More to follow by 3/7/2023)

Social Work Students are encouraged to submit Poster Sessions for the LSWO Portland Conference. Students can submit til March 16, 2023.

The LSWO recommends students consult with your faculty advisor, if this is the first time you are submitting a poster session. 

Please review this online link for more information. 

Link to Student Poster Information

May 18, 2023 - Final Program

"The Future of Social Work Practice: Challenges/Opportunities/Plans""

The Final program will provide an opportunity for social workers, students, faculty, and allies to meet in small groups and consider their role and function in Social Work.


In the last 3 years, we all have been coping with COVID, and many critical events in our society. 

  • ¡¿QUÉ DIJISTE, SEXO?! Promoting the sexual well-being of Latinx LGBTQIA+ people

  • Trauma in Latinx Culture: Moving from Evidence-Based Mainstream Wellness to Culturally Affirming Practices.

  • A Critical Examination of the Social Construction of Machismo and Marianismo as a Unique Cultural Phenomenon

  • Luchando Junt@s: Parental Healing in Community After a Family Separation

  • Do You Know Who I Am? Building Your Unique Social Work Brand

  • Immigrant Latinas’ Experiences with Intimate Partner Violence and Accessing Services During COVID

  • Latine Adolescents and Older Adults’ Response to COVID-19

  • Across the Pond and onto the Islands: Honoring Cultural Identity while Implementing Community Programing (EBP)

  • Facilitating Civic Engagement and Political Participation within Undocumented Latino/Latino Youth Populations

  • Stories of Mi Alma-- Practices in Engaging Religion/Spirituality with Latinx Clients

  • Translation and Cultural Adaptation of a Training on Trauma Informed Care: Practical Aspects

  • “Don’t Call Me Mother””: Trans Latina Immigrants Redefine Madre and Comadre Relationships

  • Who Will Lead for Innovation & Equity in Schools Post COVID? Social Workers.

  • The American Dream: The process, the effects and mental health interventions for Newcomer student

  • The Law Enforcement Officer: “The New Fortified Social Worker”

  • AI Language Learning Models for Latinx Tech Equity: Demonstration, Considerations and Beyond

  • Employee Retention and Racial Equity in the Nonprofit Sector

  • Experiences with Mental Health Services Among Recently Arrived Latinx Immigrant Caregivers

  • The Power of relationships: Experiences Preparing the Next Generations of Diverse social workers providing Behavioral Health in rural communities

  • Reflective Supervision: One Latinx at a Time

  • Effective Behavioral Health Interventions: Social Work Advocacy for Newly Arrived Latin Immigrant

  • Authentic Cariño Between Students and Educators: Voices From Latinx Students in Utah

  • Lived Experiences of Professionals Working in the Field of Autism.

  • Achieving Culturally Responsive Services for Latina/os* by Reducing Barriers to Social Work Education: A Case Study

"The Future of Social Work Practice: Implications for Latinx Social Workers and the Latinx Communities"

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